Sudbury Rotary Club is very grateful to the services and agencies below for their assistance and support in making Crucial Crew a success. 
Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service ~ for running and resourcing the ‘Fire in the Bedroom’ scenario, 
Suffolk Constabulary ~ for providing PCSO’s to run the ‘Party / Drugs’ and ‘Internet Safety’ scenarios, 
Gryphon First Aid ~ for running the ‘First Aid’ scenario,
Suffolk Roadsafe Partnership ~ for resourcing the ‘Road Safety’ scenario,
Cancer Campaign in Suffolk ~ for running and resourcing the ‘Safety in the Sun’ scenario,
The Dogs Trust ~ for running and resourcing the ‘Safety around Dogs’ scenario,
Thomas Gainsborough School ~ for allowing pupils to take part in the ‘Party / Drugs’ and ‘Bullying’scenarios,
AFC Sudbury ~ for allowing us to use the facilities provided at The Wardale Williams Stadium
Konings Juices and Drinks UK Ltd ~ for giving a complimentary fruit drink to the 740 youngsters taking part.

Sudbury Rotary Club is very grateful for the vital financial support given by the following, which enables Crucial Crew to take place.
  1. Suffolk Community Foundation  - Suffolk Giving Fund

  2. Hadleigh Town Council

  3. Sudbury Town Council

  4. Ann Beaumont's Educational Foundation

  5. Konings Juices & Drinks UK Ltd.

  1. Beaumont Community Primary School

  2. Bildeston Primary School

  3. Bures CEVC Primary School

  4. Hintlesham & Chattisham Primary School

  5. Nayland Primary School

  6. St. Gregory CEVC Primary School

  7. Tudor Church of England Primary School